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Library Project

Countries advocated
• Denmark • Netherlands • Germany • Austria • Greece

Documentation: 101 interviews
Duration: 2014-2020

Research characteristics


Future advocates

Middle East
• Turkey • Jordan • Lebanon • Iraq • Jordan • Egypt • Morocco • Algeria • Tunis
• Sweden • Norway • Finland • Belgium • England • Portugal • Italy • Spain • Balkan countries

Aim and scope of research
Since November 2014 we have initiated a thorough advocacy in central and northern Europe, where we met refugees whom we first became acquainted in Eidomeni, we helped them and became their friends. Therein-after, we record and present their lives in European countries where they so desperately wanted to reach, thus completing the history of their journey. The library project is but a tool for a thorough analysis, research and completion of the imprints of Europe's biggest refugee crisis.

Topics / questions on board

Instant interviews and documentation in the fields of Eidomeni, the biggest terrestrial passage of refugees to the European countries.

We have collected the stories and the narratives of the local people who witness the human tragedy, volunteer and were not involved in any NGO, organization or any other group.

A complete sample Germany, national – level We have collected stories from people living across different states of Germany, in order to have an efficient and accurate result. The different fields of Bavaria Having as reference the state of Bavaria, where we visited small towns and villages across all the borderline, we accomplished to simulate a circle from Munich until the borders of Austria and Czech Republic-Kempten- Stuttgart and Nuremberg. We crossed the nation in order to meet again the refugees where we first become acquainted in Eidomeni since 2014 and after, to collect their stories from the war zones to Europe.

Research & Interviews: Vasilis Tsartsanis
project manager of the Small Room project by Asklepeion

IT Development & Visual: George Georgalidis in
coordinator of the Small Room project by Asklepeion

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