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The Room of Arts

The Children of Solidarity

The paintings of this section are the creation of children that SolidarityNow hosts and supports.
The children attempted to capture, through their paintings,
memories of their home country and aspirations for the future.

Children without dreams, children that lived through war, and are now facing a cruel present and a doubtful future. Mohammed protests: “The Europeans see us only as refugees”. What kind of chances does a refugee has in a Europe that constantly restrains his dreams? - “What do you hope for the future Mohammed?” - “Back in my country we had everything, at home we mattered.” The home country of a carefree childhood, the home country of family, of love, of acceptance, of understanding, the home country of our heart. The home country of peace is the dream and the aspiration for the future. Somehow the past, the present and the future create a perfect cyrcle. The longing for home and the constant desire to return to Ithaca. Can Europe inspire, can Europe become a new homeland? Our children, the children of solidarity join their voices to be heard: “We do not want your pity, we want a chance, a chance to life!” The children that contributed with their paintings to this exhibition are hosted or supported within the framework of projects implemented by SolidarityNow: Home for Hope | is supported by UNHCR and funded by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).

Blue Refugee Center
supported by UNHCR and funded by the European Union
Blue Dot program
supported by UNICEF, with funding from the European Commission’s humanitarian aid department