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Kawa Haji Majid

My name is Kawa Haji Majid, born in 1982, at Hasaka of Syria.

I started painting since i was a child.

I graduated on 2000 from the Small Institute of Fine Arts in Hasaka. Without someones support I was working in the field of home decoration and painting.

Most of my paintings describe humanity, freedom and the tragedies of the Kurdish people, who have been deprived of all their rights.

I participated in only two exhibitions in Syria.

I left Syria in 2013 , due to the civil war and the absence of safety.

I went to Iraq-Kurdistan and stayed there for three years and afterwards I decided to go to Europe.

I arrived in Greece on 2016. The way to Europe had closen by a decision of the European Union and i stuck in Greece.

I didn't stop drawing, I began drawing about immigration,the refugees' tragedies and freedom.

More than 10 exhibitions took place this year in Greece, Spain, Germany, France and the Czech Republic.